Love, Yours Truly

July 18, 2013 in From the Heart by Amanda

So you’re single. And you’re waiting for that special someone. You pray for him every morning when you wake up and find yourself thinking about him throughout the day – wishing he could be there to share that moment with you and be a part of that memory. You keep holding onto hope that one day will be some day soon. You wonder what he’s up to and where he is at this exact moment. I wonder, hope, and pray too. I also write him letters. Letters that tell him what’s going in my life that he hasn’t had the chance to be a part of. I talk to him as if we’ve already met and are madly in love because we some day will be. I’m writing to a real person that I just don’t have an address for. I can’t wait to present to him the box of letters I’ve written on our wedding night. It’s a sweet gift to start preparing for him and a lovely sentiment, but how do you know what to write when you haven’t met him? Don’t things eventually get old to talk about? Wouldn’t you run out of ideas? Well, if that’s what you happen to be thinking then I’m happy to share with you a few ideas that might get the ball rolling.

❤ Talk about what’s going on in your life. Include special events and fun things you’re looking forward. Maybe even include pictures!

❤ Share your hopes and dreams. Tell him about all of the things you want to do with him – vacations you want to go on, hobbies you want to learn. Talk about your future children if you want them!

❤ Tell him what you love about him. It’s never too early! You know the kind of man you want to marry so if you’re trusting God to bring you the right man then you already know he is going to have a heart that loves the Lord. Maybe you won’t stand for dishonesty. Tell him how much you love how he tells you the truth even when it’s incredibly difficult.

❤ You don’t even have to write a letter to him. Write a letter to God with prayers for him and share it with him. Include all of the different ways you can pray for your future spouse.

❤ Finally, if you see a verse, quote, or lyrics from a song that remind you of your hopes and dreams for loving him then write it down. Not only will he smile, but so will you by having something to look back on and see those sweet little details that you may have otherwise forgotten.

Don’t let writing to your future spouse be a burden. It really shouldn’t be especially if you wish you could spend time with him this very moment. Write to him when you wish he was around, when you wish he could have been there or given you advice. Write him when you want to. You shouldn’t feel pressured, but just keep in mind that the more you write the more he will get to read. I hope you find as much enjoyment and value in this project as I have.