All Dogs Go To Heaven

July 12, 2013 in From the Heart, The Dreamer by Amanda


My life has been a blur lately. I can barely keep track of everything that’s going on hence the reason for a lack of posts and attention to my blog these last few weeks which I hope you can forgive me for! I wanted to bring you an update of what’s been going on.

First for the exciting news! I finally launched an online store that has all of my inventory for Dreamer’s Shutter Photography listed. You can finally see everything I have and purchase it online. (It’s also at really great discounted prices!) If you don’t see the picture you want then you are more than welcome to submit an inquiry about the photograph and size you’re interested in and I will send you a price. You can visit my clearance shop here.

Secondly, I hope you had a lovely fourth of July even if you’re not from America! I spent the day with one of my best friend’s and her family. We went to a parade in the morning and had a delicious lunch with some marshmallow roasting and fireworks at the end. Following that, some family came into town that weekend and I spent the days with them lighting off fireworks of our own, feeding exotic birds at the zoo, seeing Monsters University and celebrating my little cousin’s seventh birthday.

In the midst of all the joy and celebrating, my dog of fourteen years passed away. Being so busy helped get my mind off of her death, but it didn’t allow me much of any time to grieve. It’s really hard not having her around. She was my best friend and we grew up together. I feel like I have a phantom limb because I can still feel her even though she’s not there.

When I was ten, we had to put my cat down because he had cancer. I didn’t have much of a connection with him and I took his passing pretty hard because it had been my first experience with death. I still don’t have much experience with death, thankfully, but being older now has allowed me to look at death from a mature standpoint. I wanted to share it with you in hopes that if you’re going through the same thing I am it may help. This perspective doesn’t make the loss hurt less. It simply allows you to be more understanding and accepting of it.

The entire time my dog was sick I was hoping she’d get better and wishing that it was just like all of those other times that she conquered an illness and came out strong. I knew she was getting older and eventually going to pass anyway, but to see her go like this where she looked so sick and helpless was heart breaking. I didn’t think it would actually defeat her, but I prayed for God’s will to be done. God knew the situation better than I from how she was feeling to what we were. We were on this emotional roller coaster where we had to battle acceptance and facing the facts. Having to deal with her getting better and then sick again would have taken too much of an emotional toll. I’m so blessed to have had as much time with her as I did. She was such a good little girl and took the place of the sister I never got to know. I have every faith that my dog, Lacy, and my sister, Ashley, are taking care of each other in heaven. I’ve accepted the fact she left us in God’s timing. I miss her dearly and am so thankful for the memories shared and captured that I can look back and reminisce on. Thank you to everyone that loved her. I’d be honored if you’d share in her memories with me.